OTM Benefits


The OTM (On The Market) Sports Network has built the hockey industry (both males and females) a FREE advanced and unique way to come together. Whether you’re growing your hockey network, marketing yourself, recruiting, conducting daily business needs, sharing information or staying up to date with all your latest hockey news and league information; one thing is for certain. OTM is your one stop shop for all things hockey. Our network gives the hockey industry the power to advance careers, share & stay connected for FREE.


OTM Account Features:

  • Create a detailed Individual profile page
  • Grow your hockey network by friend requesting other verified members
  • View and apply for contracts and jobs within the hockey industry
  • Apply for jobs outside of Hockey (employers looking for sports minds)
  • Create instant contract and job alerts
  • Add Specialized skills that friends can endorse
  • Provide references for friends
  • Follow real-time activity and transaction of members
  • Add achievements, educational honors and awards
  • Interact and connect with all OTM members
  • Add your own highlight videos
  • Upload your hockey and work resumes
  • Add Elite Prospects statistics
  • Interact in specialized discussion boards
  • Add your social media accounts to gain extra followers
  • Access to exclusive OTM resources
  • Information on all leagues and rules
  • And much, much more!!!

OTM Spotlight Article:

  • Have a one page spotlight article written about you and your career to market yourself to all OTM members. We will post your spotlight article on our news feeds and articles section, as well are all of our social media accounts.