OTM Agent Profile


Being a Sports Agent may be a tougher and more competitive grind than being an athlete. And, in a career defined by the endless research, phone calls and emails required to land your clients’ next big contracts, information is the most critical and valuable asset.

OTM is a revolutionary social networking tool designed to connect you with players, coaching staff, management and teams in the hockey industry. In terms of information gathering and database development, we’re doing the heavy lifting to make your job much easier and more efficient.

Once you create your FREE OTM Agent Profile you become an OTM member and gain instant, unlimited access to OTMSM.com. Imagine… with a few clicks you can:

  • Leverage unprecedented transparency into a massive pool of potential clients to expand your agency
  • Search for all kinds of information about players, coaches, management and contracts
  • Review OTM profiles and access the personal contact information you need


Agents with OTM Profiles can also:

  • Post or distribute contract offers from clubs or coaches that have contacted you
  • Receive notifications and player profiles from responders
  • Quickly fulfill team requests using filtered searches to locate qualified candidates
  • Set up tracking parameters to monitor OTM activity and identify new opportunities for jobs and clients

OTM is the central online hub where information about players, teams, coaches, management and virtually anything related to professional hockey, unfolds in real time. OTM is a portal to powerful decision-making intelligence to answer questions, like:

  • How can you find new clients?
  • How can you fill a contract offer for the right players or coaches?
  • How do you find contact information for people in the industry?
  • How can you network more efficiently?
  • Do you really know everything there is to help your clients?
  • How can you get quick and fast information about teams and countries?
  • How can you get your clients’ contracts overseas?
  • How do you get your clients’ work visas and ITC cards?
  • How do you help your players if they get into trouble?

Agent Profile features:

OTM Postings:
OTM Agents can post contract offers and position openings; and respond to “seeking representation” posts. The profiles of the players who apply to your postings will be sent directly to you and you choose to make contact or not.

Converse with your peers on everything you need to know before making big decisions. Share your experiences and thoughts on players, coaches, teams, management, networking or any questions you may have. The “agree or disagree” button allows you to share your opinion on specific topics and get a feel for the perspective of others in the industry.

Direct messaging:
With an OTM Agent Profile you will be able to look up any OTM member from our database and send them a private message to either network or get some inside information.

Profile Search:
Players, coaches, management, scouts or other agents – search any OTM Profile in our database. View profiles and learn everything you need to know about members. Use monitoring and alert settings to keep track of peers and prospects.

Within your OTM Agent profile you will be able to view new members (players, coaches, management and agents) and easily identify free agents and players changing their status.

OTM News:
Professional sports writers from around the world are writing exclusive OTM articles and blogs about everything hockey – including showcasing players, teams and coaches in spotlight pieces. Staying informed maximizes opportunities to earn new clients and seize new opportunities.

We have given you all the necessary tools to build your client list and get them contracts.