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Because OTM was developed by hockey pros– including several former Coaches – we understand the challenges and pressures you face every day, every season and every contract. Challenges like:

  • Building and maintaining a championship level team
  • The never ending research, communication and negotiations required for effective scouting and recruiting
  • The hundreds of phone calls and emails from players and agents
  • Filtering through players and contacting players you want on your team
  • Last minute call ups
  • Maintaining employment, finding new positions and advancing your own career


We also understand that a lot of your responsibilities take place away from the ice. With the exception of players that are both skilled and committed to playing hard for the team, a coach’s greatest asset is information. OTM is giving the professional hockey industry the power to advance careers, share information & stay connected.

  • Which players will fulfill your team’s most critical needs?
  • Which players have contracts and circumstances that align with your goals?
  • What are players’ intangibles and how will they mesh with your team?

OTM is a social network that gives coaches unprecedented access to real-time answers to these questions. By connecting all professionals that work in the hockey industry all over the world, OTM puts virtually any piece of information you need, just a few clicks away.

  • The OTM platform includes a database search engine enabling you to locate a list of players that meet certain criteria in seconds
  • Review player profiles that include resumes, stats, contract statuses, game video, contact information and much more
  • Connect with players, scouts, agents, team management and other coaches
  • Network, establish and nurture professional relationships
  • Broaden your scouting net and recruiting strategy to include the entire world
  • Build better teams
  • Advance your career


Upload your resume and achievements and you can begin rapidly and immediately expanding your network and career opportunities.

  • Monitor and receive notifications of open positions
  • Apply for all professional coaching jobs posted on OTM Management Profiles and job boards
  • Contact and communicate with the right people at the right time
  • Search OTM outsourced jobs from other employers in the sporting industry seeking your qualifications
  • Enjoy more job security than ever before


We value your time and privacy. OTM empowers you to control what information you want to share. Players, management, scouts and agents will not be able to contact you or see your personal information unless you want them to.

screen4Coaching Profile features:

OTM Contracts:
As an OTM Coach you will be able to:

  • Set criteria and post any contract offers and position openings for your teams
  • Directly receive the profiles of the players who apply to your postings
  • Choose to make contact or not

Discussion boards:
To maintain privacy between you and your peers, coach’s discussion boards are only viewable by registered and approved OTM coaches. Share your experiences and thoughts on:

  • Players, teams, management and agents
  • Life as a coach in various countries
  • Coaching philosophy

Discussion Boards can also facilitate:

  • The shopping of players
  • Trade negotiations
  • Discussion about league direction

The “agree or disagree” button allows you to share your opinion on specific topics and get a feel for the perspective of others in the industry.

screen5Direct messaging:
With and an OTM Coaching Profile you will be able to look up any OTM member from our database and send them a private message.

Profile Search:
Players, coaches, management, scouts or agents – search any OTM Profile in our database. View profiles and learn everything you need to know about members. Use monitoring and alert settings to keep track of peers and prospects.

OTM News:
Professional sports writers from around the world are writing exclusive OTM articles and blogs about everything hockey – including showcasing players, teams and coaches in spotlight pieces. Staying informed maximizes opportunities to improve your team and your coaching career.


Your OTM Coaching Profile will give you access to the OTM job boards and the competitive advantage to pounce on the next open coaching position. Networking with your peers and keeping up with coach, player and team statuses will make your transition into the coaching ranks happen faster and easier.

If you aren’t currently coaching a team but you are an aspiring coach, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Retired player from a certain level  
  • Have coaching experience in high-end JR or college hockey


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