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Create your FREE custom Player Page on OTM with a detailed Player Profile that includes:

  • Your complete hockey resume and relevant career data
  • Your bio and achievements
  • Your Elite Prospects stats page
  • Uploads of your game photos and videos
  • OTM members that have joined your OTM network of “friends”

Your player profile provides instant virtual scouting and enables coaches, management, scouts and agents to:

  • Actively and efficiently search for players from all over the world
  • Review your stats and video to see if you’re a good match for open positions
  • Contact your personal and professional references
  • Connect and communicate with you privately
  • Offer you contracts to play for their teams


OTM was created by former hockey professionals who, collectively, have experienced and overcome every challenge this industry can present. The OTM team understands exactly what it’s like to be in your skates – which is why OTM was designed to connect hockey players with experts, resources, insights and answers that inform critical career decisions (educating each other).


    • How do you get in contact with teams coaches & GM’s?
    • How do you contact teams, coaches and scouts from other countries?
    • What’s the caliber of hockey in certain countries or leagues?
    • What can you expect with your new team or coach?
    • What’s it like to live in the city and/or country where your new team is located?
    • What will your living conditions be like?
    • Will you get paid fairly and on time?
    • What type of money should you expect from different countries or leagues?
    • What job opportunities are available in your offseason or between contracts?
    • What’s the visa process for playing in a different country?
    • What’s an ITC card and should you be paying for it?
    • Do you really need an agent – and how much will it cost?
    • Who can you trust?

As the world’s only social network for the hockey industry, and the central online hub for all hockey members, OTM provides a platform for you to access direct, first-hand answers to any and every question you may have. OTM is giving the hockey industry the power to advance careers, share information & stay connected.


When you join OTM you will be part of the #OTMovement. This movement is about bringing accountability and integrity back to our sport. For the first time ever players will be empowered to:


  • Post questions and comments in the secure “Players Only” area where an authorized Player Profile is required for entry.  
  • Freely exchange thoughts and opinions about your experiences on OTM “Player Only Discussion Boards”
  • Share experiences with contracts, coaches, management, agents, teams, countries and any topic of concern or interest


Part of the #OTMovement is to eliminate the power of “Who you know”  and reinstate the competitive fairness of an equal playing field. OTM creates industry transparency and opens the digital doorway to knowledge – knowledge that puts the power to make intelligent career decisions in your hands.


At OTM we know how important it is to be seen. We’re offering all current professional Coaches, GMs, Owners, Agents and Scouts FREE OTM memberships so they will have no barriers to accessing all OTM player profiles from anywhere in the world, 24/7.  You will be seen and scouted on OTM!

Contract Tab:

OTM Coaches, Management, Scouts and Agents will be able to post and offer contracts for team roster openings. OTM members with Player Profiles will have access to view and apply for these postings. Once you click the apply tab on contract offers your player profile and contact information will be sent directly to the posting party.

Discussion boards:
Share your experiences and thoughts on Coaches, Contracts, Teams, and countries played in, or start a new post with your peers to talk about anything hockey. The “agree or disagree” button allows you to share your opinion on specific topics and get a feel for the perspective of others in the industry. Going into new situations blind is a thing of the past. OTM makes it easy to learn everything you need to know before signing your next contract.  

Direct Messaging:
OTM members can easily search any other OTM member and send them private messages for networking or get information gathering.

To help you find work in your offseason or between contracts, we’ve outsourced our OTM memberships to companies looking to hire athletes for sports-related jobs.  Just like applying for player contract postings, you can also apply for non-player jobs that are specifically looking for someone with your background, skills and talents.


Looking to keep track of your peers? With our Members search engine, you will be able to view and compare your profile to other players around you.

Setup automated notifications to track and monitor the activity of selected OTM Member players, coaches, management, agents and scouts. Whether a fellow player just accepted a position on a new team, or a new contract position has opened up on a desirable team, you’ll hear it first, right from the source, on OTM.

Professional sports writers from around the world are writing exclusive OTM articles and blogs about everything hockey – including showcasing players, teams and coaches in spotlight pieces.


*To qualify for an OTM membership you must meet our requirements (current league playing in, your professionalism, being a quality person).
*If you are from a Non-Traditional hockey country you must have National Team experience to qualify.